Google needs to get their shit together!!!

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Those Spambots from Russia are pretty bad!
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Google needs to get their shit together!!!

Post by ian » Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:32 am

If I type in the following: "my computer crashed, The Gurge" The Gurge better not be the FOURTH FUCKING RESULT!!!!!

CNET first.
Microsoft second.
Some fucking company called backblaze third
and FINALLY The Gurge...
I can understand Microsoft having a higher result for "my computer crashed" but why isn't the Gurge second???

Also.. "Feels alright!" by the Gurge is impossible to find in full good quality on youtube.
But that track (Feels Alright!) is what would happen if you let Daft Punk do lyrics on a Chromeo song... Seriously!!! if you uploaded 'Feels Alright' by the gurge to youtube as the newest Daft Punk track featuring Chromeo OR the newest Chromeo track featuring Daft Punk.. NO ONE BUT GURGE FANS WOULD QUESTION IT!!! I'm not even joking... Listen to it... You will say DAFT PUNK Vocoder and Cromeo music style...

If you don't know what I'm on about.. Listen to Daft Punk's studio discography, and then Cromeo's Discography, then listen to "Feels alright!" from Regurgitator's 1999 album

In fact.. Listen to all of It's a great album!!
"is she real? or am I going crazy?"
"we're on the way down, and when you hit the ground, you know you make no sound, and no one sweeps you away"
"you don't remember my name, you don't remember my face, though it was burnt on your brain was it so long along ago? And now I'm losing my hair, you know it just cant be fair and next to nobody cares when its over""
"I like repetitive music, I like repetitive music. I like repetitive music, I like repetitive music. I like repetitive music, I like repetitive music"
"You know it feels alright, Every time you walk in the room. And you look so fine, and I let you know i'll dance with you"
"I love Tommy Mottola, I love Tommy Mottola, I love Tommy Mottola, I love Tommy Mottola"
"I tried to call her on the telephone, but get a disconnected tone.. The filter of a cigarette reminds me of a sweet regret"
"lets go out tonight, get drunk and maybe get in a fight!"

And if there is one thing better in this world than all the 'MY PUSSY' jokes on are you being served, it's an awesome remix of the theme song!!

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