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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:58 am

-It is really sad, and quite scary, when in the year 2000, people are talking about someone like an Ole Anderson or a Bill Watts as someone who needs to be brought into World Championship Wrestling.

-Douglas put Tygress in the camel clutch. Madden called it a Steiner recliner, which is the WCW name for it, but only after Stevie Ray called it a boston crab.

-Buff Bagwell defeated David Flair in 5:37 in what was billed as a DNA match. At match time, it was changed to a first blood match. Flair looked lost. Even though he's been in for 18 months now, if he was sent to Ohio Valley, he'd be worse than anyone in the rookie league promotion. Bagwell, being the pro that he is, only served to make him look that much worse by selling little and yawning about how easy beating him was, not that Flair deserved a lot more. They also had David use Ric's signature flip into the corner and slam off the top spots which only made them comedy. Bagwell hit David with a chair, and he bled, to lose the match. Bagwell also gave him his finisher, the blockbuster, for good measure. After the match, Lex Luger ran in to congratulate Bagwell, then turned on him, and posted Bagwell, who bit the condom to bleed from the mouth. Flair got his DNA and ran off.-*

-Linda McMahon on 10/25 for the first time of any official with the WWF acknowledged publicly that her company was looking into buying WCW.

-Nitro on 10/30 in Irvine, CA was really sad. Because the crowd was so tiny, it came off worse than an indie show. There were a total of 1,454 fans in the building, which was 768 paid for $24,896.

-Jimmy Hart issued a challenge to DJ's all over the world to wrestle him on Nitro, claiming he was the man who knocked out Andy Kaufman. Wasn't that Jerry Lawler? Hart transformed himself into his 1982 persona which led to Madden asking if that was a tape sent in from Memphis.

-Rection did an interview. They really tried hard here. You have to give them that. Everyone knows Rection as U.S. champ is a stretch, but they made that part of the storyline, and even played into the Buff Bagwell interview on the internet with Rection saying he did it for all the C level guys like himself and named a bunch of them. Most of the crew came out, including backstage people, jobbers and clapped for Rection. The wrestlers on the stage clapped much louder than the crowd did. If this had happened in a city where they had fans clapping it could have been really good, but with nobody there, it came off like parents at a sparsely filled high school auditorium after a play.

-The Vegas and Irvine shows were described as it seeming like much of the crew, both the wrestlers and backstage people, had mentally quit due to working with no answers and no long-term direction.

-Stevie Ray did the PPV commentary simply because he asked Ed Ferrara if he could, and Ferrara agreed.

-Pamela Paulshock's position right now appears to be tenuous. Apparently a woman, who Nash jokingly referred to as looking like Missy Hiatt's mother, who was formerly with the rock group "Vixen" was introduced over the weekend to people as the newest interviewer.

-The original plan, as evidenced by the TV ads, for Havoc, was for Sting to return to his 1989 blond surfer look. Sting for a long time was against the transformation, but now isn't so much against it, but wants it done as part of a climax of a strong storyline instead of being done for no reason.


-Jimmy Hart, doing an interview right out of 1981 WMC-TV library, challenged any DJ and started ripping on every major DJ in the country. Mancow came out and did a promo and threatened Hart, until Moore & Helms & Hart all pounded on him. This came across much better than it had any right to.

-DDP came back and got a huge pop. He said terms like "it's a shoot" and "it's for real" so many times I thought it was an ECW worked promo. The interview was entertaining. This led to the Battledome angle where a bunch of muscleheads at ringside were taunting him. Cat, Bagwell and Rick Steiner were his back-up. They had a security pull-apart that got a ton of heat and was again so much better than it had any right to be considering amateur bodybuilders were involved.

-Roddy Piper has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against WCW. The basic gist is that he still had one or two matches left on his contract, which was a per match deal at a very high per match price (not sure of the number). WCW let him go, claiming he was disabled for longer than 90 days and unable to get cleared to wrestle, based on the torn bicep he suffered in late 1999. The controversy is this. First off, Piper continued to perform, finishing out his program, after tearing the bicep, which is because he has that old-school mentality even if it isn't something a sane person would recommend doing. He then got the bicep repaired. By the time he was given termination notice, he had been cleared on the bicep. WCW wanted him to take a full physical and get medical clearance to return, knowing he couldn't get it due to his artificial hip. However, he's had it for years, and has worked his entire tenure with WCW with that same disability. He's in the process of writing a book. He was actually thinking as a publicity stunt of running for prime minister of Canada. He was thankfully talked out of it over the weekend.

-Bobby Heenan was told on 11/8 his contract won't be renewed when it comes up for its 90-day cycle, as one of the first examples of the policy being put into place. It is expected that will be it for him, since the company was paying him nearly $300,000 per year at this point just to do World Wide voiceovers on a show nobody watches. It isn't certain whether Heenan will collect his money through the end of the year and continue to do the show, or quit at this point. It is believed Heenan would be interested if the WWF would be interested in taking him back. He left the company seven years ago when the WWF didn't renew his contract at that point in time because it was cutting back on costs and he had a high salary.

-The general feeling is to expect a big announcement from Hulk Hogan when his WCW contract expires in March. The belief is that Hogan will be starting something up with FOX, and is trying to recruit Savage and Jim Hellwig to be part of it. As mentioned last week, feelers have been sent to various friends and wrestlers from Hogan basically saying to be ready because something is going to break, but not offering much more in the way of details. Of course if Bischoff gets control, this all may happen, but would likely be used as the worked angle they've been wanting to do for months. There was also talk that Hogan would return at Starrcade provided Bischoff is in control by that point.

-Scott Hall debuted for ECW on the weekend house shows. The word going around at first was that Hall agreed to work the matches for free, whether true or not, nobody seemed to believe that story, feeling it was a way for Paul Heyman to save face bringing in a huge name while still being one month behind on everyone's pay. Hall was laughing about the story he was doing the shows without being paid to friends when they told him that Heyman had been spreading it around. The agreement to come in is that Hall didn't want to appear on ECW TV and was just doing it to keep his name in the public.

-In what I swore was from a 1982 video, Jimmy Hart did a promo challenging Montana Taylor, a DJ in Augusta, GA (where Nitro is on 11/20) to a match. As long as it's a dark match, that's fine, but if it's a dark match, why are they spending time on national TV plugging it?

-Although the whole angle has fizzled out so this may not happen, the plan for the Stacey Keibler angle was to stretch it out until March, and then reveal that Russo was the father (what a shock, huh?), but the big revelation would be that Ric Flair was Stacey Keibler's father from a fling in Baltimore 21 years earlier and that Ric and Russo worked together to break up the marriage because they were the only two who knew the secret, that it was an incestuous relationship, revealing that at one point, David had, in fact, had sex with his own sister. I guess Russo had been waiting for that one ever since Ken Shamrock turned down the sex with the fake sister angle.

-Was that Thunder interview on 11/8 with Lanita Erickson (the new announcer/interviewer) who the wrestlers jokingly refer to as "Missy Hyatt's mother," although she's actually two years younger than Hiatt, with former footballer Bob Sapp, one of the saddest things in recent memory to make air (well, at least until this weekend's ECW TV)

-A Saks Fifth Avenue executive filed a $10 million libel suit based on a placard held up at the 9/25 WCW Nitro show. The sign, held up by a former friend from high school, Robert Catell, read, "P.Goldschmidt steals from Saks." Court papers claim the sign held Goldschmidt up to public contempt and ridicule, disgrace and prejudice, causing him mental pain and anguish. Catell had been holding up signs at WCW and WWF TV shoots in the area, calling him a loser, among other things, which he said he laughed off, but the sign accusing him of being a thief went over the line. Catell, a salesman for WFAN, said the two hadn't spoken in two years but it was only a prank done in humor.

-Because an indie show that used several WCW wrestlers right before the 10/23 Nitro in Little Rock drew almost as much as Nitro did, WCW responded by no longer allowing talent to work any indie dates without clearing it with the office.

-Palumbo & Stasiak won the tag titles from Wright & Skipper when Kidman & Misterio Jr. Disqo becomes the first wrestling superstar since the immortal Judy Bagwell to hold the tag team titles while neither being involved in the match to win it or in the match to lose it.

-Apparently some of the Nitro Girls went to ICP with the idea of creating a Spice Girls like musical group according to the ICP web site.

-The Starrcade tickets for 12/17 at the MCI Center in Washington, DC went on sale and did a horrible first day, selling only 926 tickets although with the high ticket prices that is $51,000. That is far worse than scary in a building that large. With the exception of the 12/3 house show in Kearney, NE which sold 2,200 tickets over the first weekend because it's the opening of the new Tri-City Arena, none of the advances for the rest of the year are showing any signs of a rebound.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:03 am



-Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak beat Lt. Loco & Cajun. Fans hated this. Someone in the crowd was chanting “BORING!” really loud. I’m not sure what is worse — having the whole crowd chant “BORING!” or being able to hear one person chanting it amidst a crowd of thousands.

-Tygress worked over Douglas by TWISTING HIS ARM. Then, in the highlight of the match, she started chomping on his arm like that guy The Amazon in the old Nintendo wrestling game from the 80s. You guys remember that game? With Star Man? And King Corn Karn? That game was the bomb. I’d rather talk about that than this horrible match.

-Mike Sanders beat Cat in a kickboxing match by countout after the time limit had expired. This was a classic. To their credit, I thought the first one minute was good. Unfortunately, there were five minutes left after that. The stipulation was that the winner would become sole Commissioner of WCW. I would have laid down instantly. Highlight after the first one minute was when the camera zoomed in on a fan who held up a “Natural Born Loosers” sign. How come WWF fans don’t spell words wrong? Shat killed him throughout all three rounds. Palumbo and Stasiak, who were accompanying Sanders, got into a fight at one point, so Shane Douglas came out and yelled at them. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. Ref got distracted. Shane KO’d Cat with a chain. Cat still got up at nine. Time limit expired. Cat and Douglas got into a brawl outside. THEN, the referee called for the bell, ruling Sanders the winner via countout. I swear to God this is true. So not only did this match include the first-ever countout in the history of kickboxing, but the first ever countout after a match had already ended. The Halloween Havoc commercial was right — fans saw something they couldn’t imagine. 1/4*

-Steiner actually went over the rail to get at a fan, who wisely ran for his life.

-Scott Hall was arrested last week on a probation violation. He hadn’t completed his required public service, which consisted of him cleaning out swimming pools. I’m not making that up.

-Thrillers came out with Nash, who was wielding a paddle. Tenay called it an oar. Tony called it a cricket bat. Nash called out Stasiak and asked if he’d seen the error of his ways. Stasiak got lippy. Nash told him to bend over for a spanking. I’m not making this up. The other Thrillers started jumping around joyously. Nash swung, but Palumbo blocked it with a chair. Nash said next time, instead of paddling the chair, he was really going to paddle Stasiak’s ass. This was among the worst segments ever on Thunder.

-Cat came out and challenged Mike Sanders to a match. Then he told Sanders to bring a partner too. Sanders came out with Leia Meow. Well, that makes perfect sense after Sanders assaulted her on Nitro. Cat and Miss Jones pinned Sanders & Meow when Sanders got pinned by both Jones and Meow, who was his partner. This was even more horrible than I could do justice to with a review. My friend Vince, who was watching with me, suddenly muttered: “I hate wrestling”.

-A sitdown interview aired with Tony and Goldberg. Goldberg talked about “bad times” and how nice it was to perform before “exuberant fans” in Australia. Maybe they should have just stayed there. He talked about his win streak, the PPV, and other trivial matters. Tony talked about how life was full of challenges. Tell me more about your philosophy of life, Tony. They plugged Goldberg’s book. Goldberg talked about how many people were responsible for helping make Goldberg, like Hogan, Bischoff, and Nash. Now THAT was hilarious. No three people killed off Goldberg more than Hogan, Bischoff and particularly Nash. This interview was actually quite boring until the very end, when Goldberg uttered the greatest sales pitch in the history of literature: “Buy it or I’ll kill you.”.


-Kidman did commentary and said Boogie Knights were the worst tag team ever. “Worse than the Ding Dongs?” Tony asked.

-A quite comical Scott Steiner video package aired, showing him running around acting crazy with this spastic organ music playing in the background.

-Clips aired of a brawl breaking out backstage between WCW employees and the “Battle Dome Warriors”. It was hilarious because the Battle Dome Warriors started yelling at Doug Dillinger because they flew all the way from America to beat up the WCW guys, and Dillinger still wouldn’t let them. What a dick that Dillinger is. They DID come all the way from America. Finally, several WCW guys including Dallas Page ran in. This was a miracle since Page didn’t even go on this tour.


-WCW WorldWide announced Dallas Page & Kevin Nash vs. Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak for the Tag Titles at Mayhem, even though Palumbo and Stasiak didn’t win the titles and Nash didn’t announce his mystery partner until the live Nitro the next night.

-Gene interviewed Team Canada. Gene said fans were sick to their stomachs about what they’d done to Rection. Storm challenged Booker T to a World Title match. Major Gunns yelled at Gene. After she left, he said: “And to think that I used to have the hots for her. She’s nothing more now than a self-serving bitch.” Gene frowned at the camera in a serious manner when he said these words.

-Gene ran into Luger, who was reading Goldberg’s book. Luger claimed he discovered Goldberg at his Main Event gym and Goldberg never bothered to mention him in the book. Luger started ripping the book up, which angered Tony.

-Alex was shown chatting with Disco on the phone. He said he had to defend their titles later but didn’t know who his partner was. Alex ran into Kronic and asked if they’d help him out. They asked if he had any cash. He said he could write a personal check. Kronic, whose catch phrase is that they break necks and cash checks, said they didn’t take checks.

-Cat said he’d kiss Mark Madden’s nasty ass if Shane Douglas could beat him. Thankfully for Madden’s ass, and viewers worldwide, Douglas did not accept.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Ocelot » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:28 pm

Still my favorite thread on any forum after all these years!

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:29 am

Wrestlemania 35 star ratings

Murphy vs Neese 3 stars

Women's Battle Royal 2.25 stars

Revival vs Ryder & Hawkins 3 stars

Andre battle Royal 1.5 stars

Lesnar vs Rollins 3 stars

AJ vs Orton 3.25 stars

Smackdown tag titles 4 way 3.75 stars

Shane vs Miz 1.75 stars

Women's tag titles 4 way 1.25 stars

Bryan vs Kofi 4 stars

Joe vs Rey 0 stars

Reigns vs McIntyre 2 stars

HHH vs Batista 2 stars

Corbin vs Angle 1.25 stars

Lashley vs Balor 1.25 stars

Becky vs Charlotte vs Rousey 3 stars

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:38 am

G1 MSG Supercard star ratings

Battle Royal 1 star

Cobb vs Ospreay 4 stars

Rush vs Castle 0 stars

Iwatani vs Klein 2 stars

Haskins, Juice & Flip vs Bully Ray, Taylor & Silas 1.5 stars

Dragon Lee vs Ishimori vs Bandido 4 stars

G.O.D. vs Briscoes vs Villain Enterprises 3 stars

Sabre vs Tanahashi 4 stars

Ibushi vs Naito 4 stars

Lethal vs Scurll vs Taven 3 stars

White vs Okada 4.75 stars

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:41 am

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn star ratings

War Raiders vs Black & Ricochet 4 stars

Velveteen Dream vs Riddle 4 stars

Walter vs Dunne 4.75 stars

Women's title 4 way 3.75 stars

Gargano vs Cole 5 stars

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:22 am

Recapping old Observers.


-WWF is billing Dynamite Kid at house shows he can’t appear in because he’s recovering from back surgery. Dave compares it to what Verne Gagne did to kill towns by advertising people who had left for the WWF. They brought The Crusher in to tag with Davey Boy on select house shows.

-Reports that WWF is planning on Wrestlemania III being main evented by Hogan vs Andre, but there are doubts Andre will be able to wrestle because his back is so bad. They are planning running Hogan vs Orndorff as a back up plan. But the problem is Orndorff is also injured from a house show match with Hogan and might not make it either.

-Crockett had to mark tickets in Charlotte down to $4 to sell out for their Christmas show.

-WWF has started a deal with FOX to syndicate Superstars in all major markets.

-Jokes about Ricky Steamboat doing an acting gig on a show called Sidekicks while he’s supposed to be out with a damaged voice box.

-WWF has withdrawn from doing shows in Minnesota because they didn’t draw with Hogan vs Kamala and Crockett and AWA outdrew them.

-Roddy Piper is in trouble for no showing a court appearance after being arrested in Fresno, CA for a high speed chase with police that ended with him crashing his car.

-Crockett will have Giant Baba and Hiroshi Wajima at their California shows in an attempt to get Japanese fans to attend Los Angeles and San Francisco shows.

-It appears they are trying to phase Ole Anderson out of the 4 Horsemen.

-Crockett has stopped working with Championship Wrestling from Florida and is now running opposition shows against them in Florida. They had Gordon Sollie cut a promo on TV about how Ric Flair is a coward because he’s refusing to give Lex Luger and Bad News Allen NWA title shots because he knows they’d beat him.

-Florida is pushing Lex Luger and Mike Graham as the top two babyfaces.

-Steve Keirn quit Florida over a money dispute so now Stan Lane will tag team with Mike Graham. The Sheepherders have quit in Florida as well.

-The Jerry Lawler vs Tommy Rich feud is doing big business for Memphis.

-Harley Race has been dropping subliminal disses on Jerry Lawler on regional interviews that air in the Memphis territory area. Lawler then called him out by name in a promo and said Race was a 60 year old alcoholic pretending to be the King of Wrestling.

-The World Class Christmas show did so-so business but was a bad show. Black Bart’s mule pissed and shit at ringside during his match and stunk up the Reunion Arena.

-Business is bad for World Class everywhere else. A Kevin Von Erich vs Al Madrill feud isn’t drawing even when they had cheap heat of Madrill ripping up a picture of David Von Erich. The Sportatorium shows are now drawing only 150 people.

-Dave puts a rookie Owen Hart over huge by saying he’s already one of the best wrestlers in the world and could be the best in a few years.

-AWA has been doing very good business running a Nick Bockwinkel vs Curt Hennig feud.

-The Midnight Rockers are becoming very popular for their matches with Buddy Rose & Doug Sommers. Dave gave their latest match 4 stars.

-In UWF Dr. Death did such a huge blade job they wouldn’t let him wrestle the next night because the cut was so bad.

-Sting isn’t getting good crowd reactions in the UWF so far.

-Bam Bam Bigelow stopped showing up for work so it is believed he’s jumping to WWF.

-Talks between New Japan and Bruiser Brody broke off with no deal made to bring him back.

-New Japan is about to lose their prime time network TV deal over a money dispute. Also All Japan is beating them in ratings.

-People were worried Maeda vs Inoki would turn into a shoot but they cooperated in the ring.

-Terry Funk has had to pull out of some All Japan bookings because his knees are in bad shape.

-AJW is doing a controversial angle where the top heel group are painting Swastikas on their foreheads.

-Dave’s top 10 list of best wrestlers of the week: Flair, DiBiase, Fujinami, Yatsu, Takada, Eaton, Owen Hart, Steamboat, Gordy, and Windham.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:11 am


-Jim Duggan and The Fantastics gave their notices to UWF this week. Duggan is expected to debut in the WWF soon, but The Fantastics didn’t have a job lined up and there’s talk they’re going to split up with Tommy Rogers going back to Florida and Bobby Fulton trying to open up a new promotion in Ohio.

-Dynamite Kid’s doctor has advised him to retire from wrestling but he is refusing to. He is out of the hospital but will be bed ridden at his home for another month.

-Dave puts over Randy Savage for his ability to have a decent match with George “The Animal” Steele on SNME. He also wishes Adrian Adonis would get into a little better shape because he was noticeably blown up in 3 minutes into his match. Dave also talks about how sad Harley Race vs Junkyard Dog was because Race used to be great and is awful now.

-Jesse Ventura is filming his scenes in The Running Man this week.

-Meltzer attended the Crockett California shows that drew fairly well but says the main events of Dusty vs Flair were mediocre due to Dusty being out of shape.

-John Nord quit Crockett on the day he was to debut as a Russian heel.

-Crockett and WWF will run against each other in Philadelphia this week, WWF with a main event of Savage vs Steamboat and Crockett with Flair vs Nikita. So far Crockett has sold more tickets in advance.

-Ken Patera signed with WWF.

-WWF had to give out 2,000 free tickets to fill Madison Square Garden with a Hogan vs Kamala main event. Kamala has been a disappointment as a draw so Hercules will be Hogan’s opponent on the next tour. Hogan worked against Jake Roberts in Cleveland this week as well and did a big house.

-Bill Watts has been trying to get Bam Bam Bigelow to come back but he’s refusing. He will be in New Japan next week and is still negotiating with WWF.

-Jerry Blackwell is rumored to be retiring due to kidney problems.

-World Class is now giving away free popcorn and soda to fans if they’ll attend Sportatorium shows because business is so bad and the kids getting free tickets promotion wasn’t working.

-WWF is trying to take away World Class’s exclusive rights to the Dallas Reunion Arena.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:12 am


-WWF ended up drawing 3,000 more fans than Crockett when they ran head-to-head in Philadelphia. Crockett drew 11,000 and WWF drew 14,000. Dave points out that it’s interesting that WWF and Crockett seem to have completely different fans that don’t care about other promotions. Despite the belief that wrestling ratings are the same fans watching every show, but that appears not to be true.

-Meltzer attended the syndicated television convention wrestling promotions used to attend to try to lure local networks. He says nobody went to the World Class booth to inquire about WCCW. GLOW turned out to be the most popular booth because Tina Ferrari (the future Ivory) was there in a skimpy dress. Basil DeVito and John Studd were there to represent the WWF and DeVito spent the entire time bashing the other promotions there.

-The SNME with a Hogan vs Orndorff cage match set a new record for most watched WWF show, drawing a 10.6 rating for NBC. The previous most watched WWF show was the SNME with a Hogan vs Terry Funk main event that did 10.4. The next SNME will be on March 7th and will run angles to promote Wrestlemania III.

-They shot the beginning of the Andre heel turn angle this week with Andre being mad his trophy was smaller than Hogan’s on Piper’s Pit.

-Demolition made their WWF debut at TV tapings and Meltzer says his show report said the crowd was quiet for them. Also Outlaw Ron Bass started with the WWF this week.

-Junkyard Dog is now teaming with Davey Boy Smith while Dynamite Kid is still out.

-Crockett is planning on countering the next SNME show with a TBS special called Superstars on the Superstation. They will air pre-taped matches from the last six house shows including Flair vs Nikita, Arn vs Windham and Tully vs Dusty.

-Lex Luger is leaving Florida to join Crockett with the idea he will be a member of the Four Horsemen and Ole will be a manager.

-Sam Houston quit Crockett to join UWF.

-Kevin Sullivan was named new booker in Florida and wants to bring in Bruiser Brody to replace Luger as their top babyface and have him feud with Bad News Allen.

-Dave puts over Downtown Bruno as the best manager he’s seen since Jim Cornette.

-The Sheepherders and Fabulous Ones are coming back to Memphis this week.

-Bam Bam Bigelow and Scott Hall will be playing football players on a sitcom called First And Ten that stars OJ Simpson and Delta Burke. Bigelow is telling people he’s taking time off from wrestling because he’s booked with acting work until the summer.

-The Tokyo Sport newspaper named Akira Maeda the wrestler of the year in Japan and his match with Fujinami the best match of the year. Hogan was named American wrestler of the year and Flair vs Nikita from Starrcade ’86 the best American match of the year.

-Sting has been improving as a worker during his time on the road for UWF.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:47 am


-Bruiser Brody was named new booker of World Class in an attempt to turn business around.

-Jim Neidhart was arrested for punching a flight attendant for overcharging him for beer on a flight to Ohio.

-Piper told the Toronto Sun Wrestlemania III will be his retirement match.

-In cable ratings Crockett’s ratings are down to a 2.9 despite doing a 4.0 and above last year. WWF is doing a 3.8, GLOW a 2.8 and World Class a 2.4.

-Dave says Flair’s matches with Barry Windham this week are the best of his career.

-Baby Doll may be done with Crockett and could wind up in UWF.

-Hogan and Kamala are picking up in business, doing the biggest gate in Northern California since the old days.

-Davey Boy is now tagging with Billy Jack Haynes. Dynamite Kid’s back is still bad so he could be out longer than he expected. But the British Bulldogs will have to drop the tag titles so they’re considering flying him in to just stand on the apron while Davey wrestles and loses rather than just vacating the titles or having Billy Jack take Dynamite’s place as tag champion.

-Variety magazine announced Hulk Hogan has signed a deal to make a movie where he plays a wrestler.

-They had a Outback Jack and Tom Magee dark match that was said to have been one of the worst WWF matches ever.

-Owen Hart will get a try out on the upcoming WWF tour of Australia.

-Kevin Sullivan beat Lex Luger in a cage match in what is to be expected to be Luger’s last match before joining Crockett. They only drew 1,000 people.

-Jerry Lawler did an angle where Austin Idol and Tommy Rich hospitalized him because he was going to have surgery on his groin and needed time off.

-Mike “Soul Train” Jones (Virgil) is in Memphis with a big push but he isn’t over. At the last show he was trying to hi-five the fans but nobody would cooperate and they just sat there.

-Kerry Von Erich will wrestle with a cast on his leg as he returns against Brian Adias. He’s coming back because Lance Von Erich isn’t drawing and business is horrible.

-Chris Adams will be released from prison on February 6th and he already has bookings.

-Referee David Manning will be wrestling in his feud against Percy Pringle. Meltzer says he’s a better wrestler than a lot of the actual WCCW wrestlers.

-Since World Class has weakened WWF, Crockett and UWF want to run a lot in Dallas.

-Daryl Peterson (the future Maxx Payne/Man Mountain Rock) made his New Japan debut with a huge push beating Masahiro Chono. Inoki is a huge fan of his since he’s a 350 pound amateur wrestler who is good.

-All Japan did a 18.0 rating with a Giant Baba vs Tiger Jeet Singh main event.

-The Crush Girls have reunited.


-The WWF brought Dynamite back so the Bulldogs could lose the titles to the Hart Foundation. Dynamite couldn’t walk so he was carried piggyback to the ring and was in a wheelchair the rest of his trip.

-They shot the angle where Andre accepts Bobby Heenan as his manager to go full heel.

-WWF Ice Cream Bars will debut in March.

-Even though they just won the AWA tag team titles Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty have given notice that they are leaving in March to join the WWF.

-Crockett ended up taping new matches for the TBS special instead of running house show footage. The show will have Flair vs Nikita, Dusty vs Tully, Midnight Express vs Road Warriors, Arn vs Windham and Rock & Roll Express vs Ivan Koloff and Vladimir Pietrov.

-Magnum TA has been making some progress walking in physical therapy.

-Bam Bam Bigelow will be feuding with Fujinami in New Japan.

-A new wrestler named Chris Benoit debuted in New Japan. He was in Japan the past seven months being trained in the Inoki Dojo.

-Tenryu and Choshu had a MOTY candidate in All Japan.

-Florida is trying to make Scott Hall their replacement for Lex Luger. AWA is saying he’s “irreparably damaged” after a match to explain his sudden absence. Florida is having Hall do a Hulk Hogan rip off gimmick down to even using a leg drop for a finish.

-Dave reports on the Lex Luger-Bruiser Brody incident from Luger’s last match in Florida. After Brody no sold and humiliated Luger he was heard to scream “Get the cage door open! He’s nuts!” and then he ran away and no-showed his last two matches. Oliver Humperdink and Kevin Sullivan buried him in a promo talking about what a coward Luger was.

-Florida and World Class are trying to do business together. Kevin Von Erich will be coming in to work against Kevin Sullivan.

-Meltzer gives the One Man Gang vs Jim Duggan Loser Leaves UWF match 4 stars and talks about how stunned the crowd was when Duggan lost because they didn’t know he was going to the WWF.

-Hogan bashed the AWA in a localized promo for a Minneapolis house show saying he had to leave because he was tired of fighting wimps there.

-Bruiser Brody turned babyface in Puerto Rico and is in a tag team with Invader 1 now.

-Lance Russell and Dave Brown celebrated their 20th year of announcing wrestling together in Memphis.

-The World Class show in Fort Worth, TX has had poor ticket sales even though Kerry Von Erich has been advertised to return. Kerry’s first match back in Dallas only drew a little under 3,000 fans.

-The Original Sheik has joined the Montreal territory and they plan to make him their top heel even though he’s 60 years old and recently had hip replacement surgery.

-In syndication ratings UWF is nearly tied with WWF Superstars in the ratings this month.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:44 am


-There are rumors the non-JCP members of the NWA want to form a new group without Crockett involved.

-UWF held a show in Dallas with Chris Adams making his return from prison in the main event and they didn’t draw any better than World Class has.

-The ratings for the Crockett special running against WWF’s SNME were terrible. Dave doesn’t think the special was promoted on their shows very well. But running against a SNME building up Wrestlemania III was going to be bad anyway.

-Mike Von Erich is on trial this week for assaulting his doctor and breaking his jaw.

-Hogan is now claiming in interviews with newspapers he has a degree in Finance. He really only finished one year of college.

-Baby Doll is waiting for her contract with JCP to expire before joining UWF.

-The Crockett show in Baltimore drew very well but they had to wait for the Dusty and Flair main event until after midnight because they did a show Virginia the same night and had travel problems.

-Dave talks about how bad Dingo Warrior’s match with Al Madrill was in World Class but says Lance Von Erich is worse.

-Austin Idol won a tournament for Jerry Lawler’s vacant Southern Heavyweight title by beating Soul Train Jones in the finals.

-In Florida Bad News Allen is now the Florida, Southern and Bahamian champions.

-Rocky Johnson, Keiji Mutoh and El Canek will be debuting in Florida next week. Sullivan also wants to bring The Original Sheik in.

-Jumbo Tsuruta and Tenryu won the All Japan tag team titles from Choshu and Yatsu.

-John Tenta will make his debut for All Japan next week.

-Meltzer gives Riki Choshu vs Curt Hennig ****3/4 stars and says Hennig is better than Choshu.

-Bam Bam Bigelow’s New Japan debut was a success and he’s been selling out venues against Inoki.

-Meltzer says he’s been invited on more radio talk shows than ever recently to talk about Wrestlemania III, which he predicts will be a huge success.

-WWE hired Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight to do hype events in major cities for Wrestlemania III.


-JCP ran a show in Toronto against WWF and lost badly. WWF had 15,000 fans and Crockett had under 4,000. The WWF show was big because they hyped it as Roddy Piper’s last match in Toronto. Piper beat Adrian Adonis in the semi-main event and the main event was Savage vs Steamboat for the IC title. Crockett had Dusty vs Tully in the semi-main event and Flair vs Nikita in the main event.

-World Class is running the 4th Annual David Von Erich Memorial Show at Texas Stadium again and ticket sales are very bad. The Crockett Cup tournament is also being ignored because Wrestlemania III is everywhere in the media.

-WWF will cut back to 150 closed circuit shows for WM3 since cable pay per view availability is better.

-Meltzer says the Silverdome will be set up for 85,000 seats. It has sold around 40,000 tickets so far.

-The Crockett Cup main event in Baltimore will be Flair vs Windham.

-Mike Von Erich was found Not Guilty of assaulting his doctor. The jury claimed the prosecution didn’t present enough evidence that Mike did it.

-Dave puts over Sting again as vastly improving as a wrestler.

-Crockett will do an angle where Jimmy Garvin turns babyface and starts a tag team with his brother Ronnie to feud with Midnight Express.

-Dick Murdoch gets rave reviews for his performance in JCP so far since returning.

-Ken Patera is being paid to sit at home by WWF because they don’t think they should bring him on television yet.

-The Piper vs Adonis match will be WWF’s first hair versus hair match.

-Kerry Von Erich was injured again in his match with Brian Adias and is said to be out of the ring until October now.

-Memphis ratings are doing very well and it is again the highest rated local television show in all of America.

-AWA and WWF will be running on the same night in Minneapolis this week. The WWF show has Hogan vs Hercules and the AWA has Jimmy Snuka vs Col. DeBeers in a death match.

-In Florida Scott Hall cut a promo bashing Dusty by saying “When I was a little kid I used to watch Dusty wrestle.”

-Paul Heyman came to Florida managing Tombstone (the future 911 in ECW.)


-Ann Gunkle died from cancer at the age of 50 this week.

-WWF taped the SNME that will be the go home show for Wrestlemania III, main evented by a battle royal Andre won.

-WWF has put an offer out to Arnold Schwarzenegger to walk Hogan down to the ring at Wrestlemania III that he has turned down. Bruno Sammartino was also invited to the show but declined.

-WWF shot the angle where Jake Roberts turned babyface to set up a match against Honky Tonk Man at Wrestlemania III. Roberts also beat Savage in non-title dark matches before TV tapings.

-Chris Benoit returned to Stampede for a week to put people over before going back to Japan.

-WWF still apparently has plans to push Tom Magee but they don’t think he’s ready for television yet.

-There are rumors Crockett is trying to buy Championship Wrestling From Florida.

-UWF is trying to push a football player named Steve Cox as the next Dr. Death.

-Tombstone is being protected in his feud with Scott Hall by doing finishes where Hall pins Paul Heyman instead.

-Rocky Johnson quit Florida after only three days because he wasn’t happy there.

-Dave on Championship Wrestling From Florida shows: “It’s now The Sexual Innuendo Hour. Like Three’s Company, but with less talented performers. Every interview from Scott Hall and Brad Armstrong sounds more like they’re advertising for Arena Rats than promoting a match.”

-Bam Bam Bigelow is making $50,000 for two months working in New Japan.

-Ric Flair will be in All Japan for a week wrestling Riki Choshu.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:55 am


-Riki Choshu shocked the industry by abruptly signing a deal with New Japan. He was the top draw with All Japan as they had been beating New Japan in the ratings. It is expected he will face Inoki at the big birthday wrestling card being held for Inoki on March 26th. The move may save New Japan’s prime time network TV deal, as their network TV-Asahi had been considering cutting ties with them or at the very least take them out of their weeknight prime time timeslot since ratings were lower than ever before as All Japan has become the more popular promotion in Japan. But there is worry now that either Fujinami or Maeda may consider jumping ship to All Japan because Choshu is going to take one of their spots as the top star.

-The rumors of Crockett buying Championship Wrestling From Florida were true and Dusty Rhodes was seen at their office building brokering the deal. JCP will get their wrestlers and territory. Kevin Sullivan was named assistant booker to Dusty. They made an offer to Gordon Solie to become an announcer for JCP but he hasn’t accepted it yet.

-Bad News Allen may not be going to Crockett because he dropped his three titles including doing a job to Oliver Humperdink for one title loss.

-UWF will try to expand to Los Angeles and Atlanta in April.

-Ticket sales so far for Wrestlemania III are at 50,000

-Since Schwarzenegger turned WWF down to walk with Hogan to the ring they’re trying to get Sylvester Stallone.

-Brutus Beefcake turned babyface and will feud with Adrian Adonis after the Piper match

-Meltzer calls Misty Blue vs Linda Dallas one of the worst women’s matches of all time because “they did nothing but sell their asses.”

-Dark Journey broke a bone in her back during a botched toss by Michael Hayes. They will bring Baby Doll in to replace her.

-Buddy Rose has disappeared from the AWA so Doug Somers is tagging with Buck Zumhofe now.

-Gary Hart is now managing Brian Adias and Jeep Swenson in World Class.

-Matt Bourne cut a promo about Tony Atlas being on steroids during their feud in World Class.

-Mike Von Erich settled a lawsuit over damaging someone’s car during a road rage incident.

-Jerry Lawler returned from his groin injury and tagged with Nick Bockwinkel against Austin Idol and Lord Humongous. Bockwinkel is set to return to Memphis to defend the AWA title against Soul Train Jones even though Meltzer says he’s the least talented wrestler in the territory.

-Brickhouse Brown will be debuting in Memphis next week.

-Lawler did a shoot promo talking about how Randy Savage is in trouble for punching out a fan in Miami and Bill Dundee is really old because he already has two grandchildren and is Bobby Eaton’s father-in-law. Then he started challenging the top stars of the WWF like Hogan, Piper, Roberts, Savage, and Steamboat to fight him when they come back to Memphis by using their real names.

-Doug Furnas has debuted in the Alabama territory.

-Montreal territory is doing an angle where a guy is claiming to be Bruiser Brody’s brother who has been in a mental institution for years so he’s even crazier than the real Brody.

-WWF sued wrestling magazine publisher George Napolitano for copyright infringement for using their registered trademarks, including names, without permission.


-Crockett is considering keeping C.W.F.F. open as a territory instead of shutting it down and taking the wrestlers.

-Bad News Allen did indeed leave Florida. JCP was said to have been mainly interested in Scott Hall, Ron Simmons, Kevin Sullivan, Ed Gantner, Oliver Humperdink and Tracy Smothers.

-There’s more to the story on Riki Choshu. He no showed the All Japan tour without telling anyone and hid in a hotel room for a few days. After the news came out he held a press conference where he explained he quit All Japan he needed a hand operation due to a bad infection and Giant Baba refused to let him off of the tour. He refused to say whether it was true he has a verbal agreement with New Japan.

-WWF has sold 70,000 tickets now to the Silverdome. They’re also increasing the price of Wrestlemania from $15 to $20. WWF has been internally predicting selling 500,000 pay per view buys. Scalpers are selling ringside tickets for $150.

-Dallas Cowboys owner H.R. “Bum” Bright is rumored to be in talks to invest in World Class. He would be by far (at this time before Ted Turner bought JCP a year later) the richest man involved with a pro wrestling company.

-WWF has set up an audition with Missy Hyatt to come in as a replacement for hosting an interview show after Piper’s Pit ends.

-JJ Dillon will be managing Big Bubba Rogers during his feud against Ole Anderson.

-Meltzer reports Soul Train Jones vs Nick Bockwinkel was the worst match Bockwinkel has had in his entire career.

-Bam Bam Bigelow split with his business manager Larry Sharpe over a money dispute over Sharpe’s take of Bigelow’s money from New Japan.

-Kerry Von Erich has been announced in Japan as a participant in the New Japan Cup tournament but he’s still telling people he will be out until at least October.

-New Japan acknowledged Riki Choshu for the first time on their show this week but didn’t give specifics of when he’s coming.

-All Japan’s attendance has been good even without Choshu so far. But Flair and the Road Warriors coming in for a week has some to do with it. Also Stan Hansen will be coming back when Flair leaves.

-The last Dallas World Class show had a main event of Mike Von Erich vs Brian Adias that only lasted 5 seconds.

-Michael Hayes will release a Badstreet album next month.


-WWF held a tag team tournament in Toronto that drew 18,000 fans. The Killer Bees defeated Demolition in the finals. After the show US Marshalls arrested Jim Neidhart to take him to trial the next day for assaulting the flight attendant.

-78,500 tickets have been sold for Wrestlemania III.

-Mike Rotunda beat Ed Gantner to win the Florida title.

-Crockett let Tombstone, Kareem Muhammad, Jack Hart and Vic Steamboat know they won’t be with C.W.F.F. or JCP after the takeover. The rest of the wrestlers were told they are now Crockett employees so can no longer take outside bookings.

-Bill Watts has turned over UWF booking to Eddie Gilbert and Jim Ross is now running the company.

-Watts also did an interview on the UWF show claiming officials in St. Louis are illegally keeping them out of the city because they have a deal for exclusivity with WWF to run in the Kiel Auditorium. Word is the staff of the Kiel Auditorium and city officials in Kansas City were outraged by the claims.

-Sting was injured and replaced by Iceman King Parsons on shows.

-Samantha Fox was booked to be at Wrestlemania III to give the crown to the winner of Harley Race vs Junkyard Dog but has now cancelled her appearance.

-GLOW is hurting WWF’s ratings in the markets they run against WWF Superstars in syndication. Las Vegas is the worst area where GLOW has cut WWF ratings in half since they started being scheduled against them.

-The SNME with the battle royal main event won by Andre did a 11.6 rating. They signed on for 5 more specials.

-CNN ran a story claiming they found out the finish of Wrestlemania III and it will end with Hogan beating Andre and then to end the show Andre turns on Bobby Heenan and becomes a babyface again. Meltzer says that isn’t totally true because the plan is to keep Andre heel so they can run lucrative rematches.

-AWA will lose their Canadian cable TV deal because that network has decided to pick up Stampede wrestling instead.

-The guy doing the Bruiser Brody brother gimmick in Montreal is Killer Tim Brooks.

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Re: Dirt Sheet Lulz & Knowledge Droppings

Post by Bandit » Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:17 am


-Star ratings for Wrestlemania III:
Martel & Zenk vs Orton & Muraco: 2.5 stars
Billy Jack Haynes vs Hercules: 2.75 stars
Hillbilly Jim, Haiti Kid & Little Beaver vs King Kong Bundy, Lord Littlebrook & Little Tokyo: 1 star
Harley Race vs Junkyard Dog: 1 star
Dream Team vs Rougeaus: 1.5 stars
Roddy Piper vs Adrian Adonis: 3.5 stars
Hart Foundation & Danny Davis vs British Bulldogs & Tito Santana: 2.75 stars
Koko B Ware vs Butch Reed: ½ star
Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat: 4.5 stars
Honky Tonk Man vs Jake Roberts: 2.5 stars
Sheik & Volkoff vs Killer Bees: 1.5 stars
Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant: Negative 4 stars

-The planned feuds coming out of Wrestlemania will be Brutus Beefcake vs Adrian Adonis, Jim Duggan vs Iron Sheik, Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo vs the Rougeaus, Butch Reed vs Tito Santana and for the HT/Roberts feud to continue.

-The belief in the Japanese media is Riki Choshu is trying to negotiate his friends like Animal Haguchi, Hiroshi Hase and Yoshiaki Yatsu to come with him to New Japan. Apparently Choshu’s contract expired but has a clause that says he can’t work for a competing wrestling promotion for a year, but that could be tested in court.

-The World Pro Wrestling show in Japan that aired a compilation of American matches every week has been cancelled.

-New Japan’s lead announcer Ichiro Furutachi quit the company out of a lack of confidence that they’re going to keep their TV deal.

-After the Bill Watts promo attacking St. Louis for not letting UWF run at the Kiel Auditorium the City Council has demanded the venue hold open bidding from non-WWF promotions to hold shows for the next year.

-Terry Taylor was in a fight with a fan in the parking lot after a show where he knocked out the fan who challenged him to a fight. It is being investigated by the Akron, OH police department.

-WWF will be taking most of April off and will resume holding shows on April 25th.

-Missy Hyatt’s audition didn’t go great because they want her to be a babyface which she doesn’t like doing. She did much better on her second audition the next night, but it’s not sure whether WWF will hire her.

-Junkyard Dog may be done with WWF. He had a Best of Junkyard Dog video in production and then McMahon ordered the production staff to stop work on it. He has also not been on last cards he was booked for.

-Dark Journey is doing non-physical work in UWF and is said to be in immense pain.

-Foreigners on the next All Japan tour will be Stan Hansen, Dory Funk Jr., Ted Dibiase, Tommy Rich and Carlos Colon.

-Keiji Mutoh has requested time off to make a movie called Hikara Onna (Shining Woman)

-New Japan announced Andre the Giant will be in the New Japan Cup tournament but that looks highly unlikely since his back is very bad after wrestling at Mania.

-Paul Heyman has come to Memphis to manage Lord Humongous since JCP wasn’t interested in keeping him when they bought C.W.F.F.

-Leon White won the AWA European Title by beating Otto Wanz. It was a bad match but mostly due to Wanz not really trying.

-Owen Hart won the Stampede North American Title from Makhan Singh.

-72 year old Stu Hart has begun training people again in the Hart Dungeon.

-GLOW is getting huge ratings in Los Angeles, beating WWF Superstars.

-Crockett bought Mid South on April 9th. They are still deciding whether to shut it down and bring all of the wrestlers to JCP or to do what they’ve done in Florida and run it like a satellite promotion. Bill Watts announced he will retire from the wrestling industry for good after his last day with UWF. April 12th will be the final UWF show held by Bill Watts, in Atlanta at the Omni, headlined by Steve Williams vs One Man Gang.

-Meltzer says the number he was given by someone with WWF was Wrestlemania III sold 90,873 tickets (he will later claim Zane Bresloff revealed to him in 1999 that was a fake number and it was actually 78,500 and faxed him WWF’s internal document reporting on that attendance. He will argue with people about this for the rest of his life.)

-Between tickets, PPVs, Closed Circuit shows, merchandise and eventual sales of the VHS tape of the show, Wrestlemania III will probably gross $20 million for the WWF.

-Stan Lane replaced Dennis Condrey as The New Midnight Express. He quit and reports are WWF is interested in hiring him.

-World Class held their first show in Mississippi and it bombed. They only drew 450 fans despite having great radio promotion because the local promoters partnered with the top station in town. The fans were heckling most of the matches and chanting for UWF. They even booed a Brody vs Abdullah bloodbath match.

-JCP drew 11,000 fans in Boston, which is impressive because it’s a WWF stronghold and they don’t have a good TV station in the city.

-The Road Warriors debuted The Doomsday Device in All Japan.

-Chris Benoit returned from Japan to re-join Stampede.

-Paul Boesch was angry UWF didn’t notify him they were selling to Crockett so resigned as their Texas promoter and joined WWF to promote shows in Houston.

-There’s talk Ted Dibiase, Steve Williams and Terry Gordy may not go to JCP because they’d have to give up their All Japan deals which they do not want to do since they make so much money touring there. There’s also speculation Michael Hayes may not go because he has heat with Dusty Rhodes.

-Riki Choshu has a clause in his contract with All Japan that he can’t work for a rival promotion for one year. He met with Giant Baba this week in an attempt to get out of it but Baba refused. New Japan may be able to buy his way out of the deal, but that could be $1 million or more.

-Dusty & Nikita beat Tully & Luger to win the 1987 Crockett Cup.

-Killer Khan will return to WWF to feud with Hogan.

-Since Crockett took over UWF, Sting has been given a huge push.

-World Class is claiming Antonio Inoki will wrestle Kevin Von Erich at the David Von Erich Memorial Show at Texas Stadium but New Japan claims not to know anything about it.

-Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith came back to Stampede to wrestle two matches against each other while WWF was on hiatus for a few weeks after Wrestlemania III.


-Mike Von Erich died of a drug overdose suicide on April 12th, but his body wasn’t discovered until April 16th. Meltzer talks about how Mike’s whole life was tragic, that he never should have wrestled to begin with because he didn’t have any talent and didn’t really want to do it unlike his brothers who loved it. Also he talks about how disgusting it was he came back after clearly being brain damaged by his toxic shock syndrome that nearly killed him in 1985. After his recovery, he was constantly getting in legal trouble for DUI, marijuana possession, a road rage incident that he was sued for, and a lot more incidents that weren’t made public because the Von Erichs were stars in Dallas and got things swept under the rug. Mike was arrested for another DUI the day before his death, and as soon as he was bailed out of jail he disappeared. His suicide note was found and his family started a search for his body because they believed he was dead. His funeral was attended by 500 people.

-Magnum TA will be a color commentator with Jim Ross in the UWF under the new direction of the promotion. Also San Francisco 49ers player John Ayres was announced as the new UWF commissioner with Watts gone. Ayres was on the famous West Texas State football team with Ted Dibiase, Tito Santana, Manny Fernandez and Tully Blanchard.

-One Man Gang has left UWF to sign a deal with WWF to be a future Hogan opponent. WWF is also reportedly trying very hard to bring in Ted Dibiase and Steve Williams.

-Jim Neidhart was found not guilty of assault. His lawyer was Jerry McDevitt.

-Riki Choshu announced he’s coming to New Japan and starting a stable that will also bring in Hiroshi Hase, Super Strong Machine and Hiro Saito. Giant Baba demanded $600,000 as a settlement for Choshu’s release.

-New Japan’s TV ratings continue to be horrible as they lose badly to All Japan. They also had a near riot in the Osaka Arena when the much hyped Inoki vs Saito match ended in no contest.

-The next SNME will be the first one without Hogan on the card and will be main evented by Ricky Steamboat vs Hercules for the IC title.

-Dingo Warrior was fired by World Class for refusing to do a job for John Nord. It was a big deal because Nord will be on the main event against Kevin Von Erich at the Texas Stadium show so he needed big wins to be strong.

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