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Intellivision Amico

Post by Dr. Zoidberg » Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:41 pm

Comes out 10.10.2020, aiming for a price around $149 to $179 USD.
  • Controllers fit inside the console and use wireless charging.
  • Console has, optional, interactive lighting. Think the DS4 light but on the console itself. This will make the console feel alive.
  • Controllers have a 3 1/2 inch 3x2 touch screen on them.
  • "21st century 2D chip and architecture". Focusing strictly on 2D tech and games, they don't want 2D development to be "hard" like on PS4 or Xbox due to them being 3D focused machines.
  • Will do 2D work that the PS4, Xbox One or even the PS5 can't achieve because of that "2D first" development focus.
  • Hundreds of millions of sprites on their dev hardware.
  • Up to 8 Bluetooth controllers will work on the console. Can also use a free phone app as well to control the games.
  • E or E10 games only. No violent games permitted on the console. A system "parents want to buy".
  • "When did quantity take over for quality". No ports allowed on the console.
  • Keeping the previously announced 7/10+ requirements.
  • Remaking Atari and iMagic games. Will be exclusive to the Amico.
  • All games $2.99 to $7.99. Download only for that price.
  • There will be physical special edition prints (disc based) for a premium ($30) on a game-by-game basis.
  • Leaderboards based on time (weekly, monthly, all time) and space (city, country, state). Trophies/Achievements are tied to this to be unique. Users might get printable emails or patches to commemorate the accomplishment.
  • Remakes of classic games will have updated graphics, audio, added levels, local/online multiplayer and "more".
  • The return of Perrin Kaplan!
  • They will be paying developers to make games for the Amico. There will be 0 financial risk for developers as accepted pitches will be funded by Intellivision (costs will come from future royalties).
  • Dev kits next Summer.
Exciting times in the vaporware console industry. And LOL at it being able to do 2D better than the PS5.

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Re: Intellivision Amico

Post by melancholy » Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:07 pm

-Pitches console as a device for kids and families.
-Focuses on 2D development.
-Prices console at $180.

Do they realize a 12 year old today was born when the 360 and PS3 launched? My son would be interested in 2D games for all of 10 minutes before grabbing the iPad.

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