What do you think the best emulator is for each system?

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What do you think the best emulator is for each system?

Post by Calavera » Fri May 03, 2019 9:57 pm

I thought this could be a fun topic discussing which emulator everybody uses for which systems. I'm still using some emulators that I downloaded years and years ago and while I'm sure their are better ones out there I've just never bothered to look. You don't have to list every system obviously just the ones you emulate. I'll start it off.

NES- JNES I believe this is one of the first NES emulators I tried on PC way back in the day. I don't do a ton of NES emulation and JNES has always ran good enough for those rare times when I want to play an NES game. I haven't really tried any other NES emulators.

SNES- ZSNES I've been using this one forever. This is basically the only SNES emulator I've used on the PC since I learned about emulation in the late 90s. I remember when games like Pilotwings and Super Mario RPG wouldn't even run. I did download some other SNES emulator when I was trying to run the homebrew port of Road Avenger to SNES and I didn't care much for it. I love the ZSNES interface. I know the emulator itself is outdated but I like the interface of it so much that I've always stuck with it. I've read people saying how inaccurate it is but honestly it has never really given me any trouble. I've played many games on it and for the most part have had little to no issues.

Sega Genesis (32XCD Master System)- For the longest time I was still using Gens as my main Genesis\32x\CD emulator. I remember way back in the day seeing that Sega CD load screen coming up and just being amazed. Now I could play Sewer Shark and Road Avenger on the PC without having to replace my old Sega CD. Plus I could check out games that I never knew existed for the platform. I also remember when 32x emulation first came around and trying to run 32X games so slowly. I was really interested to play 32X games as I was a big Sega fan at the time and never got to play any as I like most people never owned one. After years of using Gens I finally discovered Kega Fusion. Ever since then it has been my main Sega emulator it plays Genesis, 32X, CD and even Master System!

Gameboy Advance,Regular,Color- I've not done much Gameboy emulation although I have a ton of games for it. The few times I've tried it out I have used VisualBoyAdvance.

Nintendo 64- I've used Project 64 since my early days of emulation. It hasn't let me down so far. I'm curious to know if this is still the one the majority of people use or is there a newer one I'm not aware of?

Nintendo Wii/Gamecube- Dolphin of course! One of the greatest emulators out there!

WiiU- Cemu is the only option and it runs a lot of games pretty damn good on my system.

3D0- 4DO. 4DO is the best 3DO emulator out there. Has played every game I've tried and even offers improved graphics on 3D games with Double Resolution Rendering.

Sega Saturn- I've only recently got back into trying to emulate the Saturn. I'm really surprised that Saturn emulation isn't much farther ahead than it currently is. In the early 2000s I remember running the hacked GiriGiri Saturn emulator and being able to run games at 2048x1536 at full speed and they looked amazing! Now in 2019 there is basically 2 options. Medafen or Yabuse. I know there is also SSF but I've never been able to get that damn thing to run correctly! As for Medafen or Yabuse I'm not sure which one I'd say is better as they both have their merits. Medafen has higher compatibility but only runs the games in their original resolution. Yabuse has lower compatibility but allows you to crank up the internal resolution making the games look much better. I'd say if the game runs ok in Yabuse then use that, if not then go to Medafen. For something like Panzer Dragoon I'd choose Yabuse as it seems to run just fine and being able to increase the resolution makes the game look so much better.

Sony Playstation- As far as I know Epsxe is still about the only PS1 emulator worth using. The compatibility is good and the games look much better than on the original system but I've never really like the interface of it. The plugin system is ok but the way it is all set up is kind of clunky in my opinion. I've never been to big into PS1 emulation. With PS1 it is usually load up a game and play for a few minutes then close it out. I don't think I've ever actually completed a game on Epsxe.

Sony Playstation 2- PCSX2 seems to be the only option. This emulator has been hit and miss with me. When trying to play Gran Turismo 4 I never could get it to run good, but Dragon's Quest VIII ran awesome. I played many many hours of DQ8 on PCSX2 with no issues that I can recall.

Sega Dreamcast- Ah the Dreamcast, if not for it this forum may not even exist and most of us would have never met. For the DC my prefered emulator is NullDC. I really like the extra geometry option which allows more of the screen to be displayed in 4:3 games, allowing them to run in true 16:9 widescreen. I've tried Demul and for DC games I still prefer NullDC. Demul however is great for Sega arcade hardware.

Sega Model 2- Model 2 Emulator

Sega Model 3-Supermodel an awesome emulator. I got really into Emergency Call Ambulance for a short time once I found out about Supermodel.

I think that about covers most of the systems I emulate. If anybody else posts a list it doesn't have to be as detailed as mine. It can be a simple list with just the system and emulator. I get carried away on forums and sub reddits a lot nowadays and end up posting super long posts. I guess I enjoy typing but I realize not everyone enjoys reading such long posts.

So what is your prefered emulators? I feel like most of my choices are pretty solid except for NES and SNES. I'm willing to try a new NES emulator but I'm so used to the ZSNES interface that unless they make a ZSNES skin for a new emulator I think I'm gonna stick with it.

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Re: What do you think the best emulator is for each system?

Post by pixel » Sat May 04, 2019 12:14 am

Nestopia has really good accuracy and runs well as an NES emulator.

For the Dreamcast, I would give Redream a try. The only downside is the full version costs $5, but that's pretty good considering its game compatibility and high-level BIOS replacement.

BlastEm is what I switched to for Genesis games. It doesn't run Sega CD or 32X, but it definitely worth it for the sound accuracy.

Personally, I use Retroarch and Big Box for everything these days. I think most of the cores are the same emulators you use, except I might use SNES9X instead of ZSNES.

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Re: What do you think the best emulator is for each system?

Post by Dr. Zoidberg » Sat May 04, 2019 1:28 am

Bsnes with the HD Mode 7 mod.


The emulators in Retropie.

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Re: What do you think the best emulator is for each system?

Post by Big Boss Man » Sat May 04, 2019 1:50 am

Project64 for the N64. It doesn't emulate the two Shin-Nippon (New Japan pro wrestling) games though.

Used to use ZSNES but have switched to the bsnes one which Zoidy has mentioned with mode 7.

For NES, think it's called FCEUX which has the Famicom disk system supported.

For Genesis etc it would be Gens

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