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Re: Wrestling questions thread

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That was what Paul E was doing with ECW. Accentuating the positives and heading the negatives. Which is why only a handful of guys got over when they went to WCW & WWF. Because Paul was so good in highlighting the strong aspects of their gimmick but only in a few occasions did they gel elsewhere.

With Demo, WWF at the time really only had Arn & Tully as their top heel team. Arguably they had Akeem and the Big Boss Man too and maybe if they paired up Andre and Ted DiBiase longer but that team fizzled out seemingly after Summerslam 88. So it would have made more sense WWFs merchant department put more emphasis on The Rockers, Hart Foundation etc. and keep Demolition as the top heel tag team and be the team to beat.

Today you could put out merch for them regardless but back there was no shades of grey and more cut and dry Babyfaces and heels. I think with their look and the theme music they had that 1980s heavy metal/heavy rock appeal with the Kiss-esque face paint. If it wasn't for the lawsuit and the fall out between Vince & Bill over the trademark (if I'm correct) then Demolition should have been in the HOF a long time ago.

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Re: Wrestling questions thread

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Oh man.

Remember when they teased a three way feud between Demolition, the Hart Foundation, and the Rockers?

God I remember wanted to see a match with three times so bad back then.

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