Calavera's Goodwill/Flea Market Finds 2: Resurrection

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Re: Calavera's Goodwill/Flea Market Finds 2: Resurrection

Postby Calavera » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:40 pm

Big Boss Man wrote:I understand them wanting to make the max amount of money though.
I'd feel better about it if the money was actually going to a charity that was going to help someone out. Goodwill is always saying thanks for supporting our mission. What the hell do they even do to help people. Goodwill is a retail store, it is almost the same as if you donated stuff to Wal-Mart and then they sell it on Ebay. I've seen commercials before from Goodwill about how you can donate a car to help somebody out. Then I was looking on Craigslist one day and saw an old Camaro in great shape being sold from Goodwill Auto Auction. Also you had to pay an entry fee to even get into the auction. Those cars aren't going to help anyone out, they are just selling the damn things.

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Re: Calavera's Goodwill/Flea Market Finds 2: Resurrection

Postby melancholy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:43 pm

You seriously don’t think that the profits from the sales aren’t going to anything charitable? You seriously believe a non-profit like Goodwill functions the same as a publicly traded company like Wal-Mart? And you seriously believe that selling a car for charitable profit isn’t the same as ‘helping someone out’?

Dude, I know your pissed about not getting that copy of Snatcher, but let’s not lose our heads here. Goodwill sells donated things and uses the proceeds for lots of training and community programs. Having a nice Camaro isn’t going to pay for job training programs for special needs people, but ‘selling the damn thing’ would. Someone donating a rare game and Goodwill selling it around market value is no different than if the person actually donated it’s value in cash.

Goodwill may not be the most wholesome charity on the planet, but just because you haven’t seen or benefited from their charity doesn’t mean they don’t do charitable things.

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