Tribute to the number 1 French house band of all time!

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Tribute to the number 1 French house band of all time!

Post by ian » Sun Aug 25, 2019 3:16 am


I got into an argument with a hipster on Friday night. Hipsters know daft punk, and fuck all else.
So apparently, I'm not allowed to like music from before a 20 year old hipster was born... It makes ME a poser. :olol:
So when hipster kiddy was talking to me about french house from when the fucker was born, I brought up galleon, and there was simply NO answer... Hipster friends had no answer, and had to frantically google what the fuck I was talking about... :olol:
Normally to dispense of a hipster, all you have to do is bring up Stardust or Mr. Oizo. But for this one Stardust and Mr. Oizo wasn't enough.
So I busted out the obscure French shit that HASN'T become popular in the last 10 years.
Thank god I didn't have to break out my knowledge of American electronic music to shut him up....
If it had come to electronic music from anywhere OTHER than Europe, I may have had my ass handed to me... If they had brought up DJ Skilletz or Deadrat, they could have schooled me, but being hipster is not Deadrat or Skilletz...
Hipster and friends tried to go for not only an era that I forget more about every week than they will ever know... but for Europe as well....
All they had to do to own me was mention a Skilletz song newer than 2011 to win... :olol:

Also.. What happened to Galleon? time for a comeback album/tour!!! :osmile:
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