I subscribed to ian's Onlyfans (A review)

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I subscribed to ian's Onlyfans (A review)

Post by Roofus » Sat May 23, 2020 6:51 am

I give it a B+. Good quality content, nice balance of regular day-in-the life stuff, soft core sensual content, a good amount of hard core and some fetish stuff that I'm not personally into, but I don't kink shame and I respect that he puts out stuff for everyone. At $15.99 a month, the price is on the high end, but he runs regular promotions and he has three and six month bundles that can bring the monthly rate down to something a bit more affordable

So with all the positives, what's keeping this from being an A? Quite simply, too much Pay per view spam. Every time I log in, my inbox is flooded with DMs hawking $10 threesome videos, $5 picture sets and even in one case $20 for a 73 minute video of ian humiliating a pheasant. Not to mention the constant begging for tips for even more paywall content.

I understand that times are hard and work is scarce these days but the monthly price is simply too high to justify all the paid "extras," even if they are optional. Nevertheless, ian's Onlyfans is still highly recommended.

Pros: Good amount and variety of content. There's certainly something here for everyone
Cons: High monthly price, constant attempts to upsell extras
Verdict: Still worthwhile if you don't mind the DM spam
Final Score: 83/100

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Re: I subscribed to ian's Onlyfans (A review)

Post by ian » Sat May 23, 2020 11:46 am

Hi Roofus.
Thank you for the positive review of my Onlyfans.

While the price may seem high, your review does highlight that the quality of my sexual content is indeed justified.

Often for three ways and bisexual orgies, I do have to hire other performers so that is why certain things are an extra fee on top of my monthly subscription cost.

I send out as many DMs as possible so that my fans never miss out on any of the action, and my video of humiliating the pheasant has been such a success it is becoming a feature series, and has afforded me the opportunity to lauch a free new series where I humiliate peasants as well.

I hope you’ll keep subscribing, and Will try to have less pay per view in the future.

Kindest regards
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