Bad news for aussies who like eating!

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Bad news for aussies who like eating!

Post by ian »

Woolworths has pulled food from stores across the country after a customer was allegedly food poisoned at a supermarket in Melbourne.

The shocking incident unfolded at a supermarket at Barkly Square shopping centre on Sydney Road in Brunswick, just before 8am on Monday.

One of the alleged victims, a 60-year-old man, was waiting to pay for his groceries when he heard yelling from another person waiting in the queue. He turned and then allegedly ate a 20-year-old ham.

On Wednesday, Woolworths said food would temporarily be pulled from sale nationwide.

“The safety and wellbeing of our team and customers is our top priority,” a Woolworths Group spokesperson said.

Sadly this is real: ... -c-4285342

In America, you keep all your guns after every state has 40 school shootings every year. In Australia, we have one stabbing and lose the ability to easily get sharp instruments. And not just sharp instruments, we can't even buy a pair of those Crayola safety scissors with the plastic edges and round tips that couldn't cut a single bit of copy paper.
What's next? Because of protesters gluing themselves to roads, the nations mums will lose the right to purchase Clag for their kindergarteners at a supermarket?

I am equally amused, saddened, angered and confused.

Oh yeah, better get a national registry happening for anyone who's ever used or owned a butter knife.
trade your steak knives in for a set of nice table spoons.
I mean fuck. Just fuck... How is this a real news article? How is this even a response to a situation? And how do we as a nation respond? Do we hang ourselves from utter shame or print this shit out and frame it on our walls to give us the motivation to get out of bed every day and laugh till we cry?
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Re: Bad news for aussies who like eating!

Post by Skynet »

I seem to recall something similarish happening back when I worked for a supermarket. We've gone mad!

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