I just had the most stressful PC experiance

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I just had the most stressful PC experiance

Post by Calavera »

Ok so I had a WD 3TB hard drive that I had been using for almost 10 years. There were a few times where I thought it had finally bit the dust but each time I was able to repair it somehow (usually with a program called testdisk). So anyways it finally dies on me. I knew this was coming so had already backed up everything I wanted off of it.

Well since it is no longer functional there is no need to leave it in the computer. So I remove it and put a 120GB SSD I had laying around just for the heck of it. To get the old drive out I had to unplug the ATX connector and remove the ram as they were blocking it in. So I do that take the drive out put the SSD in put the side of the case back on and turn it on....no picture. Ok maybe when I put the ram back in it didn't seat properly. So I take the ram out and put it back in still just a black screen.

Over the next couple of hours I try all kinds of different things. Trying one stick of ram in each slot, clearing the CMOS, trying a different video card. And no matter what the TV goes from no signal to displaying a black screen when the PC is powered on. I was getting pretty anxious. I'm thinking all I did was take out a non-functioning hard drive! How could that have caused the system to not display anything!

So I've tried pretty much everything I could think of except taking everything out of the case, cleaning it up and reseating the CPU. Again I can't imagine how removing a drive could cause any issue with the CPU but I'm out of ideas and will try anything to get it working again. So I unhook my PC and move it over to where I'm going to work on it. I have a 2012ish Gateway machine laying in the other room so I figure I'll hook it up so I can at least watch Youtube while I'm working on my PC. So I hook it up and it displays a black screen too. Hmm...suspicious. The TV is working as in it is displaying all the menus and stuff but to be sure I take my PC into the living room hoping that maybe somehow my TV is just messing up and hook it up to the living room TV. It boots right up no problem! Thank goodness! At that moment I didn't even care if my TV was screwed somehow. I was just happy that my PC was working.

So I go back to my TV and try the other HDMI port and get the same thing. So I go to live TV to make sure that is working and it plays audio and displays the channel guide but no video. I figure I can do a factory reset but first I try a software update. When I do the software update it says
"Your system is being supercharged" after that finished it worked fine again. I have no idea what the problem was. I'm just glad it is all working now. I am a bit annoyed that I was freaking out for a couple of hours and it turns out the only reason was because the TV decided to be stupid!

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Re: I just had the most stressful PC experiance

Post by Dr. Zoidberg »

It's always fun spending hours trying to fix something that just randomly screws up.

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Re: I just had the most stressful PC experiance

Post by ian »

Don't get me started on TV's!

Fucken TV's!
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Re: I just had the most stressful PC experiance

Post by 2dr »

And to think that when I get my new desktop I am gonna use a TV as the screen. Oh I am screwed!

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