The Pokémon Go Thread

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The Pokémon Go Thread

Post by 2dr »

Just wondering how many of you peeps play Pokémon Go. If so, which team do you belong to? What level are you? And what have you been doing recently?

For me:
Red Team
Level 27
And trying to keep some of the seven Gyms I can see from home painted Red.

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Re: The Pokémon Go Thread

Post by ian »

Did we hit a time hole?

If I should Die Hard Arcade before I Alan Wake.
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Re: The Pokémon Go Thread

Post by Dr. Zoidberg »

Played it for a month or so 5 years ago. And that's it.

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Re: The Pokémon Go Thread

Post by pixel »

I might get back into it, I opened the game for the first time since 2019 and I work in a different building now. I can hit at least 3 Pokestops from inside which is nice. Once winter is gone, we might try to walk around more downtown and at the zoo.

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