Why was there never a make your own Mortal Kombat game?

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Why was there never a make your own Mortal Kombat game?

Post by Calavera » Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:17 pm

It would have been a really cool feature back in the day. Just upload a few pictures of you doing each move and bam you've got your own custom Mortal Kombat character! Maybe it wouldn't have been that easy to turn pictures into a digitized character but they could have done it. The PC would be the best choice for this but Mortal Kombat was popular as a console game. So maybe they could have sold webcams and rebranded them "Mortal Kameras" that could hook up to 32-bit and above consoles to add yourself into the game. I could see that being a big hit back in the day. Surely it wouldn't have been too difficult to convert the images/video of yourself doing the moves into a character. As for the camera there might not be any way to get a webcam to input video into a console. But I've got a solution for that, instead of the webcam they would sell digital Mortal Kameras. They could have used the same camera they used for the WWF Slamcam back in the day. Instead of plugging into a PC serial port it would plug into the consoles memory card slot and upload the pictures through there. The Slamcam type of digital camera took pretty low quality pictures but I'd imagine they would be good enough to turn into a pixelated character.

I just randomly thought of this and thought I'd post it here. So what do you think would it have been an awesome idea to have back in the day, or would it just have been a crappy gimmick that would end up in an AVGN episode nowadays? Or is it an impossible task to do with PS1/N64 hardware?

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Re: Why was there never a make your own Mortal Kombat game?

Post by ian » Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:32 pm

that would have been awful, and probably sold a tonne.
I'm still pissed that rare took out the adding of faces to enemys in perfect dark.
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Re: Why was there never a make your own Mortal Kombat game?

Post by Manoel » Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:08 am

There's a Nintendo DSi fighting game that does that. The results are awful.

The best way to do such a thing would probably be to process the photos through a neural network.

A simple "put a picture of your face in a 3D model skin" would probably be enough to get acceptable results. Mix that with an in-game selection of body types and clothings, and it could work pretty well.

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