Cocaine Bear

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Cocaine Bear

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Biggest movie of 2023!

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Re: Cocaine Bear

Post by 2dr »

Man that is fucking hilarious. Doubt I would pay to see it though; it’s a bit silly and tots cray cray, but I’d watch it on TV.

The Director, Elizabeth Banks won a Golden Raspberry Award for worst director on Movie 43 in 2013, which doesn’t fill one with confidence, but she then went on to take home a Best Breakthrough Filmmaker award in 2015 so I really dunno.

The CG is reasonable and the acting comedic, I would say that it appears as though the focus of the film is on meaningless violence at the expense of a good story.

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Re: Cocaine Bear

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Elizabeth Banks does more than rom coms and comedies - she was epic in Brighburn and both chewed the scenery and stole the show in the Power Rangers remake as Rita Repulsa. So this will be a pretty epic watch....although I have to be honest, knowing that this really happened and could have been prevented if people weren't such dumbfucks and that a bunch of innocent peeps and a poor bear got killed because of such dumbfuckery is a bit sobering.

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Re: Cocaine Bear

Post by ian »

When I saw the trailer I thought it was one of those joke ones that I would always have to wish was a real movie, then I found out it WAS a real movie and my heart was happy.

That's a view in cinemas good movie and I can't even remember the last film I saw at the cinema.

A classic of our times.
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